Space Unicorn on Splendiferious yarn

75% Superwash Wool 25% Nylon yarn, fingering, approx. 425yds 100g skein.

This yarn is based on the song Space Unicorn by Parry Gripp. It’s featured in the Phat Fiber May 2019 “Electric rainbow” box.

“Space unicorn
Soaring through the stars
Delivering the rainbows all around the world
Space unicorn
Shining in the night
Smiles and hugs forever
All around the world
So pure of heart
And strong of mind
So true of aim with his marshmallow laser”
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Dawn on Royal Gray yarn

Dawn, as the sun rises to dispell the darkness of the night bringing warm light to the new day.

Featured in the January 2018 “A New Dawn, A New Day” Phat Fiber sampler box.

Starting with the rich dark gray-purple of the sky just before dawn, this colourway transitions to a shining golden yellow like the night making way for the day.

Our Royal gray yarn base starts out as a light gray heather that adds tonal depth and complexity to any color applied it.


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Ice Fairy Ring on Splendiferious

75% Superwash Wool 25% Nylon yarn, fingering, approx. 425yds 100g skein

Ice Fairy Ring is featured in the Phat Fiber January 2017 “Fairies” box.

Snowy white, icy blues and magical purple.

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Must be a Weasley on Select

100% Blue Faced Leicester yarn, light fingering, approx. 450yds 100g skein.

“Let me see. Red hair… vacant expressions… tatty second hand book… you must be the Weasleys.”

Must be a Weasley is a one of a kind Goblin Dyeworks colorway.

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2018 Fiber Box Subscription

The 2018 theme is Wonderland!

Exquisite hand dyed fiber, along with some awesome swag** will arrive in December!

A subscription through December 2018 with options for 4oz or 8oz quantities and fiber only.

Each box includes:

  • 4 or 8 oz of beautifully dyed luxurious fiber in an exclusive colorway.
  • a coupon code for 15% off of future orders.*

Boxes with Swag also include:

  • a pattern, project/notions bag, or spinning related item.**
  • other useful goodies.**

Boxes will be shipped on or around the 20th of December.

Colorways are exclusive for at least 6 months.

*Coupon codes can not be used on subscription boxes

** Not included in fiber only subscription

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From: $23.00 for 2 months Select options
Sunglasses at Night on Grandiosity Yarn

50% Superwash Merino 50% Tencel yarn, fingering, approx. 400yds 106g skein.

“I wear my sunglasses at night
So I can so I can…”

Featured in the December 2017 “Midnight Stroll” Phat Fiber sampler box.

Sunglasses at night is mostly black with shots of neon yellow and pink, reminiscent of the plastic sunglasses we had in the 80’s

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